How to open new independent incognito tab?

All incognitio tabs in chrome use the same context (like cookies etc) unitl you close all incognito tabs. Context is associated with user profile.

You need to create new profile to get separate user-space:

  1. Create shortcut to chrome.
  2. Edit it, add at the end of executable file:
    --user-data-dir="%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data.Proxy --incognito

How to check is your WiFi connected via 5Ghz

Windows 10 (anniversary update): just go to WiFi connection properties (Settings ⇒ Netowrk & Internet ⇒ click on the SSID name, look for properties).

Windows 7-10:

Look for «Channel», 1-14 are 2.4Ghz, >34 are 5Ghz.


and check «Frequency».

On router side, Mikrotik routers (winbox, web):
Wireless ⇒ Registration ⇒ «Interface» column (check interface mapping on «Interfaces» tab)