Bug in last firmware for DSL-2640U C2 (NAT for PPTP)

Не работает NAT для PPTP интерфейса.Advanced setup -> NAT -> Virtual server options works only for
nas_*_* interface and not for ppp0.

F/W: DSL-2640U_BRU_C2_RU_2.05_20101129.zip (the latest firmware)

Port/VPI/VCI: 0/0/33
VLAN Mux:Off
Con. ID: 1
Category: UBR
Service: mer_0_0_33
Interface: nas_0_0_33
Protocol: MER
IGMP: Disabled
QoS: Disabled
State: Enabled

PPTP: Auth method: AUTO, No compression, Default route, Always On.

for example (adding RDP port forwarding from web interface; DSL eth:, target eth:, listen: :3390), in telnet:


All works fine if we add this rule :



The fastest solution can be:
— add for every web-rule two iptables rules for ppp0 and nas_*
interfaces. iptables process good not existing interfaces.

Надеюсь разработчики исправят, т.к. модель не снята с производства.

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