How to download a set of private Vimeo videos with youtube-dl and google sheets

So somebody requested you to download a set of vimeo videos. I offer create google sheets document with several columnts and the last column will be youtube-dl command line for this video. No automation yet. (TBD). Currently typical use case: one is filling this document, and 2nd person, more experienced, executing commands.

Column A: «+» (downloaded) sign, «*» sign (in progress) or empty.

Column B: Name of the folder

Column C: Name of the file.

Column D: vimeo link (example:{number} ) get for page code (right click on the palyer and locate this link and copy). If there is right click not allowed — press F12 then got ot source and use Ctrl-F to find link in source.

Column E: referrer (link to the page with embedded vimeo player).

Column F: 

=«youtube-dl -v « & D2 & » —referer « & E2 & » -o «»./» & B2 & «/» & B2 & «. « & C2 & «.%(ext)s»»»

Enter fields starting from 2nd row.

So you will get youtube-dl console command for downloading this video. It renames video to yours and adds original file extension. Don’t forget not allowed characters in folder/file name: : / ? * | \ < >


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